Having the ability to listen to original podcasts from popular artists on your smartphone can be a big deal. Spotify has a slew of great podcasts that can help you stay current with the latest music and other entertainment news.

Song Exploder

Whether you are looking to learn more about the making of a song or just want to hear what makes a song great, a music podcast can be a great way to get your music fix. There are many different types of podcasts, and each caters to a different type of music fan.

Music podcasts are an exciting new way to explore music. They take listeners behind the scenes of music production and provide an in-depth breakdown of their favorite artists. They range from discussions on contemporary music to explanations of how a song was made, and much more. Some of the most popular music podcasts are hosted by celebrities and experts, and each podcast explores a different aspect of the music world.

The Questlove podcast is hosted by drummer and songwriter Questlove. It features interviews with musical guests like Chaka Khan, Michelle Obama, Little Richard, and John Denver. It also digs into the history of music names and the secrets of the music industry.

Another music podcast is Song Exploder. It is a 30-minute, fortnightly show hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway. In each episode, the host breaks down a song from a single artist. The show asks the artist to explain how they came up with a song and its creative process. The episodes also cover the instrumentation, recording, and legacy of the song.

Another popular music podcast is Dissect. It is a podcast that breaks down a single album and analyzes its songs. It has featured artists like Beyonce, Kanye West, Childish Gambino, and Lauryn Hill. It is also part of the Spotify podcast network.

Another music podcast is the Rolling Stone podcast. This is a show that gives an inside look at the biggest musical news of the week. The episodes feature interviews with the biggest stars, and commentary on music. It also features a new series called Book Exploder. It features authors and musicians discussing their creative process. The series is currently airing between episodes of Song Exploder.

A music podcast is perfect for your commute. The podcasts can introduce you to new artists or songs you might not have heard before.

Internet Sensation

Despite a massive influx of new podcasts on the market, it’s hard to say which one is the best. That’s because all of them are designed to appeal to different audiences.

The Internet Sensation show is a relaxed format show featuring interviews with digital influencers and everyday people. It’s a good way to learn more about the people who make the stuff you love.

The Fellas podcast is hosted by a group of YouTube superstars. Each week, they release a new episode, allowing fans to catch up on the latest videos.

In the same vein, there’s also a podcast called The Last Laugh that produces funny interviews with the top comedians. It’s a great way to catch up on the latest jokes.

The Tennis Podcast is another sports-oriented podcast. It features interviews with athletes, and also features Q&As with fans. There’s also a new episode every day during the Grand Slam tournament.

The Internet Sensation is also a podcast, and it features some very impressive graphics. It’s a YouTube video hosted by Alex Elmslie, who’s known for his commentary on trending topics.

The most important feature of all is that it’s free. That’s good news for the millions of Spotify users who don’t want to pay for a premium service. But it’s not so good news for podcasters who must use a specific app to produce and distribute their content. It’s also not that easy to find and navigate.

While Spotify is trying to be more than just a music streaming service, it’s still a major player. So it’s no surprise that it’s making a big splash in the podcast world. It’s also been experimenting with new features, like advertising within podcasts. It’s also planning to update its app. This is the first time that Spotify has branded itself as a podcast service, and it will be adding more exclusives in the future.

The Internet Sensation was a big hit. Among its most successful episodes are a series of interviews with people who have made the most of social media, which is the podcast’s main reason for being.

Spanish Aqui Presents

Featured on the Earwolf Network, Spanish Aqui Presents is a Latinx variety show that blends improv with politics, pop culture, and friendship. This show has earned the title of one of the best podcasts on Spotify.

The podcast’s premise is simple: four friends from different walks of life discuss a variety of topics relating to podcasting, Latinx culture, and friendship. Each episode features a host discussing a particular topic, as well as a guest discussing a similar subject.

For instance, one episode features an interview with comedian Danny Trejo. Another episode features an interview with actress Gloria Calderon Kellett. In addition to its hosts, the show also features a cast of Latino performers. The cast includes Carlos Santos, Tony Rodriguez, Raiza Licea, and Oscar Montoya.

In addition to its podcast, Spanish Aqui Presents also hosts a live comedy show every month at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Each live show sells out. Each episode features a host, a guest, and an improv set. They also talk about the latest news and events.

The show also has a Patreon page. You can support the show with a donation, which includes access to materials relating to the episode. It also has a bonus Sunday Read episode. Those who opt in can also get a free e-book containing tips and tricks for podcasting.

The podcast is part of iHeartRadio’s Fiesta Latina, which celebrates Latino culture. As part of the iHeartRadio lineup, the podcast has received awards, including the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. The award ceremony is part of a nationwide Jingle Ball Concert Tour. iHeartMedia has a number of nationally recognized events and festivals.

The show has been a hit since its launch. The podcast has consistently ranked among the top ten podcasts on Spotify. It has a large library of podcasts, which includes more than 500 original podcasts. In addition, Spanish Aqui Presents will soon be available on Earwolf. This will give fans a new way to experience the show. Whether you’re a Latinx fan or simply a fan of comedy, Spanish Aqui Presents is a must-listen.

Chernin Entertainment

Streaming music service Spotify recently signed a first-look deal with Chernin Entertainment, which includes the rights to a library of 250 original podcasts. The partnership will allow the two companies to develop new film and TV projects based on original audio content. The two companies have already teamed up for the upcoming television adaptation of true crime podcast series “The Clearing,” which is being produced by Pineapple Street Media.

According to a Spotify press release, the two companies will “source material from a library of more than 250 original global series.” The companies will work together to identify promising projects from Spotify’s catalogue. They are expected to collaborate on new TV and film projects 50-50. Spotify has not announced any specific marketing commitments, but they are expecting high demand for the podcasts. Currently, they offer podcasts in multiple genres, including true stories, horror, mystery and documentary.

Chernin Entertainment has a history of producing successful TV shows and movies. The company’s projects include The Great Showman, Hidden Figures and New Girl. It has also worked with Amazon Prime Video for Homecoming and The Horror of Dolores Roach. It was previously behind the successful films Ford vs. Ferrari and Truth Be Told.

Spotify is one of the largest streaming services in the world with over 299 million subscribers. It has one of the largest libraries of unattached intellectual property (IP) in the world. It has more than 1.5 million podcast titles. The company has recently signed an exclusive deal for The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. It has nearly 12 projects in various stages of completion. These projects include Bill Simmons’ “The Ringer,” which will offer original series.

The podcast library from Spotify is a treasure trove of unattached IP. Chernin is excited about the potential of podcasts, saying they are “a significant source of new IP.” He plans to “evaluate” the podcasts for potential characters and stories. He and Spotify CEO Dawn Ostroff plan to hire an executive to do this work.

This new relationship with Chernin Entertainment highlights the growing desire among Hollywood for original content. As Hollywood tries to feed the new streaming outlets with compelling stories, podcasts could become one of the most important sources of IP.

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