How to Get a Trademark

If you are unsure of the process of getting a trademark, the United States Patent and Trademark Office website is a great place to start. It has comprehensive information on the process and suggests hiring a patent attorney. Make sure to follow the steps carefully and avoid taking cheap shortcuts. A patent attorney will ensure that your trademark is properly protected.

Gerben Law Firm

The Gerben Law Firm, PLLC, is an intellectual property law firm that focuses on trademarks, copyright, and patents. The firm’s attorneys frequently appear in national news stories analyzing trademark and copyright issues, and are regularly listed in the WTR1000, a prestigious list of the world’s top trademark law firms. The firm prides itself on excellent customer service and keeps clients informed throughout the trademark registration process.

The Gerben Law Firm is a Washington, D.C. based law firm that specializes in trademark registration. The firm prides itself on providing top-notch legal advice at a flat fee. Gerben IP attorneys have years of experience in trademark registration and understand the importance of intellectual property to businesses.

Gerben Law Firm provides a complete suite of trademark services, including trademark registration, monitoring, and enforcement. They specialize in helping clients protect their brands and increase their profits. The firm has registered over 6,500 trademarks since 2008, and their attorneys are recognized nationally and on major television networks.

Carson Patents

There are four main steps to trademarking a product or service. The first step is to contact a trademark attorney. A trademark attorney can help you protect your brand by filing a patent application for your product or service. After completing this process, you can trademark your product or service.

Once your trademark application is accepted, the USPTO will notify you. It is important to follow up with the USPTO and respond to its communications. If you fail to respond to their communications, you risk having your application rejected. You should also be aware of any maintenance and payment notices that are issued by the USPTO.

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